pretendTAN Instant Bronzing Mousse

pretendTAN Bronzing Mousse

A radiant natural self tan in seconds. Created by the sunless tanning
experts that you've trusted for years.

Bronzing Mousse:
Super easy-to-apply instant self tanning mousse will give you the
ultimate, even and natural looking tan that you've always wanted
Great for all skin types.
This product will adhere to your own skin type resulting in a beautiful
flawless golden luster that lasts for days
Dries instantly
Paraben free, odor free, oil free, streak free, UV free
The tan is instant and a beautiful, natural golden luster - you don't have
to wait for tan to develop, it's instant
One color for all skin types, so no need to choose light, medium, dark,
etc. - an easy choice
Lasts for days - one can should allow for 7-8 full bodies
Natural looking tan - is safer than sun exposure or tanning beds
Very easy application - just pump mousse onto mitt

Bronzing Mousse:
Exfoliate your skin. For best results we recommend to apply with our
pretendTAN Tan Applicator Mitt. Pump onto mitt then apply all over skin in
a circular motion. Apply lightly over hands, feet and ankles. Wait until
touch dry before getting dressed. Allow 6-8 hours before getting wet. To
extend the life of your perfect tan, moisturise daily, exfoliate regularly
and apply twice a week. Our mousse is also great for the face - apply with
the pretendTAN applicator mitt or with a cosmetic puff.

Tanning Mitt: $9.50
Simply mousse or mist the product directly on the mitt and apply to skin
in a circular motion.